Background and History of the Project

For many years, the people of Watchet have wished for their own memorial, in order to remember those who gave their lives in the two World Wars and a group of volunteers have now come together to make the project a reality. This group includes many local town folk, the Royal British Legion and Watchet Town Council.

Starting in March 2010, the project's 1st task was to establish a suitable location and design for the Memorial. After lengthy consultation and discussion, it was agreed to site the Memorial alongside Watchet library on the Esplanade.

The project has set itself a fund raising target of £18,000 to totally fund the project. Since the start in March 2011, around £ 2,500 has already been raised by various means and the generosity of local people.

It was considered vital to fully involve the local children in all stages of the project, as it was their future. With the help of the head teacher and staff in the local school, the children have produced a portfolio of designs to be considered - it is hoped to publish some of these that have been short-listed in the near future.

For the future, the project have a full program of fund raising events planned and it is hoped to have enough resources to instruct a designer and present a formal design for approval. Keep your eyes on our News page.

In order to proceed further, we DO need your help and support for our events - please! We will also be very grateful for any donations you may wish to make - Please visit our Donation page for more information.